Cyber Intelligence

We understand the challenges that small and medium businesses and others face trying to defend against threats today: well-funded and highly motivated attackers on one side and not enough people to manage an ever-more complex set of security solutions to defend against these relentless attacks on your side. We want to help and so we are releasing information each month about a different category of threat that will help you and your team understand more about how a specific type of malware can gain access

to your infrastructure. Our team of researchers, called Cisco Talos, will highlight techniques you can use to block it and features that you can enable, in products you may already have deployed, to defend against these attacks.

This month we look at the state of phishing attacks, which continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. Motivated attackers will use any means necessary to exploit configuration errors, mask themselves under a legitimate business’s domain, or just log in with stolen credentials. Modern phishing attacks can be difficult to detect and block, but it’s not impossible, especially with the right email security backed by effective threat intelligence. Using our experts very unique experiences partnered with Cisco Talos the largest non-governmental threat research and intelligence team in the industry, and we invest significant time and resources to gather vast amounts of data about the threat landscape.

We use this threat intelligence to deliver stronger detection and blocking capabilities to Cisco security products. IntelPacket and Cisco Talos are at the forefront of the global fight against cybercrime, collaborating with law enforcement and taking the lead against international malware campaigns such as Not Petya, Olympic

Destroyer and VPNFilter. Let me know if you have questions at, find more information about phishing attacks

and the Threat of the Month series here and let’s work together to make sure the attackers don’t win.

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